Stompy: The Giant, Rideable Walking Robot


Project Hexapod: Stompy

Based in Somerville, MA (just outside Cambridge), have passed their requested $65,000 funding on Kickstarter, which is great, because Project Hexapod is building a 4,000-pound, 18-foot-wide, two-seat rideable six-legged robot. Its name will be Stompy.
We love this project.


What's especially cool about Stompy is that the whole project is being done at a crazy low cost; $65,000 might as well be pennies, considering the usual multimillion-dollar cost of giant robots like this.


The hydraulic legs can produce a total of 18,000 pounds of force, enough to move 2 to 3 mph while carrying up to 1,000 pounds, or 1 mph while carrying 4,000 pounds.


It's useful as well; it's able to move over terrain that typical wheeled or treaded vehicles can't. And, as befits a Kickstarter-funded project, the team will be releasing all of its data (plans, CAD, diagrams, that kind of thing) to everyone, with the hopes of encouraging the building of more giant robots.




Plus it's named Stompy. You can still check out the project over at Kickstarter.