The Royal Game of Ur



The Royal Game of Ur

Video from The British Museum. Curator Irving Finkel will take you through the gameplay.
If you are familiar with LUDO, this should be a piece of cake to learn

For International Tabletop Day 2017, Tom Scott was challenged by British Museum Curator Irving Finkel to a round of the oldest playable board game in the world – The Royal Game of Ur – a game whose rules were rediscovered and deciphered by Irving himself.


Step #1: 3D Print it!

If you want to 3D Print this game, I have included the files for it below
Remember to paint a white dot on two opposite tips on the tetrahedron.

It is also possible to Woodcarve this design, perhaps someone here could make a movie about it?

Step #2: Learn more!

If you wanna learn how Irving Finkel deciphered the rules to the Royal Game of Ur, take a peek here:


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