Time Out Chair


Time Out Chair

"Patience is a virtue!" as the saying goes.
But somewhat not applicable for children hehe.

With this Time Out Chair, you are able to put your kids in a Time Out, after they have been naughty.

And as a extra tip, it is also possible to switch out the sand, using oil and water instead, just make sure you make it watertight.


Step #1: This is what you need to do


  • Cut out 3 Wooden legs (measure the leg height of your children to make it as comfy as possible)
  • Cut out 2 Wooden Circles, one serves as the bottom, and one as the top bench
  • Measure the distance of the legs, divide it by 2, and cut 2 Soda Bottles in half based on this distance
  • Cut out 1 Wooden Circle Centerpiece, measure the Bottle Cork Size, and drill out hole in the Centerpiece.
    Don't drill all the way through, but leave the middle for a smaller hole, so that sand runs smoothly through it.
  • You can make a crevase in the Top Bench and Bottom Circle, to fit the bottle more snuggly, just make sure you add this indent measurement to your Bottle cutting.
  • Put all pieces together and check that it is a fit, then Fetch your Glue (or Gluegun)
  • Attach Wooden legs onto Bottom Wooden Circle
  • Attach 2 half Bottles, glueing the bottom.
  • Fill Sand through the top of the bottle. Here you can time it, and see how much you need to get 5 minutes or whatever your Time Out preference is.
  • Attach the Top Circle, and fasten Wood Legs plus glue the Top Bottle in place.