Troll Dough - Easy Crafting



Troll Dough - Easy Crafting

Making Troll Dough is super easy, and amazingly fun for the kids.
Plus you have your dough ready within 5 minutes.
It is also a good dough to paint afterwards.


Step #1: Mix it

Put everything in a bowl.
Use the same cup for easy measurement.
The bigger the cup, the more dough, or just multiply if needed.
The simple recipie is this:

- 2 cups of Flour
- 1 cup of Salt
- 1 cup of Water

Step #2: Build

Build with your clay.
We also had a LEGO ice form that we used to create LEGO figures

Step #3: Heat it

Put it in the oven for about 5 minutes at 200 degree Celcius.

Step #4: Paint it

Paint the mould.


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