Ways to earn a profit on Youblob.com

Earn Revenue on your Blueprints

Connecting components, products and tools used in your Blueprint from Companies that offer Revenue on their products,
will give you a profit each time a customer purchase your Blueprint.

You add a circiut board to your Blueprint - BOM (Bills of Material), which cost 500,- the component come with a revenue on 10%.
Each sale on your Blueprint will give you 50,-.
If you have some sensor and some cables as well, all these items will stack to your total payout.

Start Selling

Upgrade your account to a Pro Maker, and sell your own products.
This normally comes with a 35% income on the finished product.
But as a Maker and creating totally new products, you must set your own initial pricing.
Youblob does not care about your pricetag, just don't price yourself out.
Upgrading to a Maker Membership also gives you the option to create a Finished Product, directly from your Blueprint, giving you easy access to sell the iterations you create.
And allowing Customers to purchase the Finished Product, instead of only the DIY kit, where you only earn Revenue based on the value set from the Distributors. Be your own Boss instead.
PS: This requires you to have your own stock of the components needed to build the Finished Product that you get orders on.
Whoops! Suddenly you have become a business man. Cheers!

Companies are in addition able to sell Services.
They get the option to sell Machine hours and Human hours.

Starting to sell Products is a good way to enable rapid prototyping.
F.ex you sell handbags, these have nothing to do with electronics ...you think.
One Maker use your product and adds LED light to it, making it shine.
Another Maker use your product and add GPS tracking to it, making it impossible to loose.
This will enable a larger sale rate on the handbags, as they are promoted in new areas.
Also remember that Makers will always promote what they have made,
so every Blueprint comes with a free Marketingchannel directly connected to your products.


Refer friends and companies

We offer a 50% payment on the first month of payment to all referrals that get new users to subscribe to either Premium User, or Premium Company subscription.
If you are good at Sales, now is your time to shine!

Payouts to your Paypal account examples:
Maker referral payment = 49,- NOK
Distributor referral payment = 449,- NOK

Your personal Referral URL can be found in your Account Dashboard

Subscription Types

Free Membership

Get access to your own Personal Profile page, earn Skillpoints and renown. Use your profile to promote yourself towards your friends and your job applications.
Are you from some other forum/university? Show your support to their communities by adding their logo in the Support Button.

Get access to Publish Recipes on Do-It-Yourself projects (Blueprints) and start earning a Revenue on your publications.
Revenue is based on the components used in the Bills of Material, and the value set in % from Premium Company users on products.

Get access to personal Referral link, and help build up the community.
As a user you will earn 50% on the first monthly subscription payment received.

Premium User

Get access to your own Webshop, easily start selling awesomeness!
Your Blueprints also comes with an extra function, allowing you to Sell Blueprint as a Finished Product with just a click.

Create Blueprints around your own Products as a new market channel.
Downloadable Products as 2D Design, 3D Design, Code etc is also fully supported.
Already have a webshop? No problem, use our import/export to easily Import your existing warehouse.

Going on holiday? No problem, set your profile in Vacation mode!

Have an event? Want to promote a new product or solution through a Webinar?
Or perhaps you want to run a Competition around your products.
The integrated Event Calendar supports Free Events and Ticket Sale.

Please Note:
Youblob does not charge any hidden fees, sell as much as you want!

Premium Company

Premium Companies have access to all of the above solutions.
In addition they get access to;

Set Revenue on Products incl. Downloadable Products and Services.
Allow Makers to earn a profit by using your products in their Do-It-Yourself projects.
Promote your business and products on a new level. And get closer to your customers.

Offer Services and help Makers go from idea to a finished product.
Help them scale their production, because they made something awesome!

Get Traceability on your Products, see what projects they are used in, and how much they sell.
See new market trends and solutions. Build iterations and help making Rapid Prototyping become a reality!

Main Functions


A step-by-step Guide where you explain how something is built.
Connect code, media and components directly into the steps.
Save them as a Draft, if you want to work more on them later.
Publish them and start earn a revenue on them.

There really are no restrictions on what type of Blueprints can be made.
If you want to explain how to bake a cake, knit a hat, or have more intricate projects like a new rocket launch system, or how to drill on Mars?
Go wild!
For example you explain a project where you connect a Motor system to a Telescope to easily locate stars.
You then add the Blueprint in category: Astronomy & Electromechanics.
Making it easy for others interested in Astronomy to find new solutions, even though the main part is Electronics.

Pro Tip:
The higher the quality/good explanations on how to build a project, the more Likes, Views and Sale it is going to get.
Spend some time in giving a good tutorial.
External resources as Fritzing, to explain how things are connected in Electronics.
TinkerCad and Autodesk 360, to show off 3D Models.
GIMP and InkScape, to add 2D Design for CNC milling etc.


Upgrade your subscription to publish your products in the Webshop section.
You might want to sell your code or design as a downloadable product,
or even your own Blueprints as a Finished Product to Users who are not able to build them for themselves.

Get access to your own Dashboard for handling orders and returns, and an overall view of your sales through a world map.
See which products are most sold and viewed, get reviews from Customers on your products.
Allow Makers to use your products in their Blueprints.

Starting a business and scaling even if you only have one cool product, must be made easy!
Through Youblob, we strive to include everyone in a globalised solution.

Get Traceability on your products, and see which Blueprints they are included in,
along with which other connected components have been used.


Youblob wish to simplify the whole process in going from idea to a product.
Make it easy for Users to get access to the services and knowledge they need.
Some are perhaps not good in Programming, others in CAD Drawing.
Through Services, Users are able to get Professional Help and easy see their idea come to life.

Sell Machine Hours!
The Service is set up so that you are able to add Machines to your profile.
You have 4 x 3D Printers, which can work 24/7.
Your service can have quadruple bookings.

Sell Human Resources!
The Service is set up so that you are able to add Humans to your profile.
You have 2 x Employees, which can work 8 hours a day with Design.
Your service can have double bookings, every weekday between 08:00 to 17:00.

Event Calendar

Promote your next Workshop, or Event. Get new subscribers by hosting Competitions!
It all happens in the Event Calendar.
Put your Business, Makerspace and Workshop on the map, show what is happening in your local area, and where to find and connect with resources.

Sell Tickets!
Creating a Calendar Event, has the function to also include Sale of Tickets.
If your venue has restricted space, a max number of tickets may also be set.

Collaboration Tools

Chat Channels for each Main Categories.
Have a question within Programming, or perhaps a question on Voltage for a project?
Join the specified Chat room and ask your question, there are sure to be someone willing to help out.

Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, Video, 1-on-1 Conversations
Easily host Webinars for School projects, new product launches and Tutorials.
Maybe you want to explain how to use a certain software, or how you operate a specific machine.
Get direct feedback and interact with the other Users.