• Website beta release
  • Whitepaper release
  • Token launch
  • Community building
  • Production ready website
    • Incentive model
    • Native wallet
    • Blueprint NFT
  • Bug bounty campaign
  • Extended organization and company solutions
  • API end points for e-commerce
  • New partners integtation
    • Singularity NET
    • Wolfram
    • Blockly
  • Treasury functions for UNSDG maker projects

ADA wallet address to send ADA to in order to receive Tinker Tokens

ico Wallet

ICO Total Distribution

Sold: 0 [TINK]
Left: 0 [TINK]

Please note that you need to send more than 5 ADA to this address in order to receive your Tinker Token Gold, as 1,5 ADA is used for the transaction fee. We have therefor set the minimal purchase amount to 5 ADA to validate all transactions above this.

ICO Goal $500.000
ICO Price $0.24
ICO Supply 57.6% of the total supply shall be offered, in a total of 639.994.176 Gold Tinker Tokens
ICO ADA Address addr1q9cv4n9mvkg3entah0w2jc96utug9q3fq6q4l7ggjm5qhmda3apuxarqktpmy2dug8y6zmwmx8n79gat4sq2qzrxdxssw4enm2

ICO Distribution

Ici Distribution Chart
Project: 60%
Investors: 15%
Team: 15%
Treasury: 10%
Ici Distribution Chart

Scan QR Code to send ADA directly to receive Tinker Token Gold

Tinker Token - [Tink]

Primary use case

  • Sell your Blueprint ideas
  • Earn the resale of 5% everytime your idea is traded.
  • Purchase Blueprint NFT's and earn the incentives they generate
  • Convert your Blueprint into a NFT

Secondary use case

  • E-commerce on our open marketplace
  • Purchase of data mining service from Youblob
  • Marketing of products, services & Blueprints


Tinker Token Silver is a Stable coin towards the Norwegian Krone. You can not purchase this coin, only earn it through interacting with the Youblob platform.

  • It can ONLY be earned through:
    • Blueprint incentives model
    • Referring friends
    • Publishing content
  • Spending:
    Tinker Token Silver can be spent on the open marketplace to buy products, services, tickets to events or to promote your own content. Just like your own regular money


Tinker Token Gold is a limited minted edition of coins, and hence the market will fluctuate for the price of this coin based on demand and supply.

  • Live
    • Tinker Token Gold can be purchased with FIAT or ADA to fill up your native wallet at the current market price of [TINK].
    • Tinker Token Gold can be used to purchase products, services, tickets & NFT's found on the Youblob platform.
  • ICO stage:
    • The minimum purchase price have been set to 5 ADA, where 1,5 ADA will be used for transaction fees.
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