Aluminum Channel - 18 inches (45,7 cm)

Aluminum Channel - 18 inches (45,7 cm)


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MakerBeam is a Mini-T open-source building system.
Mini-T is a miniature version of T-slot (a technology that is widely used for industrial automation, robotics and machine enclosures.)
Not only is it small enough to work as a model building system, but it's also precise and strong enough to build real machines and robots.
It consists of square 10mm extruded aluminum beams, various connectors and the hardware necessary to build just about anything.


This stuff is very cool, and there is absolutely no end to what can be done with it.
Motor mounts can bolt directly to the beams and with the use of our small angle brackets, you can mount servos as well.
Because MakerBeam is open-source, you're encouraged to develop and build your own pieces to interlink using the Mini-T standard, even further expanding the possibilities. Check below for the extrusion profile.


Note: In case you have trouble distinguishing between bracket angles, each bracket is conveniently engraved with it's angular measurement (albeit in tau radians).


Weight: 1.308 g/cm



  • 4x - 30cm beam
  • 8x - 20cm beam
  • 6x - 15cm beam
  • 16x - 10cm beam
  • 8x - 6cm beam
  • 8x - 4cm beam
  • 12x - outside corner bracket
  • 12x - 45 degree bracket
  • 12x - 60 degree bracket
  • 24x - 90 degree bracket
  • 1x - bag of bolts (fits 7/32")
  • 1x - bag of nuts



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