Youblob Whitepaper 1.1.1                                      25.Sept. 2022

Disclaimer; All concepts and technical proposals outlined in this document are working hypotheses and subject to change and correction.




Youblob is an online makerspace solution developed to put the Makers and their DIY projects in the forefront, along with introducing new ways to incentivize idea sharing in the open space, collaboration across borders and earning a living as a Maker.
The project have been ongoing for 10 years, through these years of iterations we have found ways to connect the Maker directly with the Industry explaining what their products have been used for after they are sold. How AI can build prototypes for us, and how it even can incentivize the Makers that share their Blueprints with AI that help the future algorithm to work, along with how Makers can convert their ideas into an NFT and sell it! Owning a Blueprint NFT gives ownership of the incentive model that follows it.

Youblob understands the impact of Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations and is working hard to be an enabler in lowering the CO2 imprint, generate less waste and optimize the use of resources. Manufacturing and use of resources will change dramatically in the coming years, as increasingly more will be based on local production.

As Youblob is built on top of an open marketplace we create a red line starting from the Manufacturer who creates products, through the Distributor network, all the way to the End-Users who creates a new iteration in their local workshop, garage or makerspace.
Optimising each segment to fit the specific Users. All while maintaining the value chain through each iteration made.

There is almost no understanding of what happens to a Product after it leaves the store. Youblob follows each product iteration, giving traceability all the way back to the Manufacturer.

(red stapled line = traceability – today we have none after a sale, Youblob enables full traceability)

Youblob supports Blueprint creations around consumer materials, electronics, mechanics, food products, textile, programming and design.
Main subjects as Chemistry, Math, Physics, Astronomy, Biology etc. will be adapted to the Blueprint. These rely on 3rd party integration and is a key element that will contribute to the Blueprint functionality.

Target Market is:
- Creative Users and Makerspaces
- Users with existing e-commerce sites that offer Services and Products around prototyping.







The Front End consists of the User Interface and gives an overview of the key functionality that Users interact with on Youblob.


(Image: Blueprint steps interface)



The main function on Youblob is the Blueprint, where Users explain how something is built through a step-by-step Guide and connecting tools and components needed in order to build it, helping other Makers to build the same solution or rapidly create new iterations around it by copying existing blueprints into their own blueprints and making their own changes before publishing it.

Users can connect code, media, design, components, products and tools directly into the blueprint.
So if a User already have a video of how they made their project, they add that to step 1, and then just add the Tools and Components needed to create the final solution.

An existing Blueprint can be copied into a step of another Blueprint to save time, effort and contribute to the main Author of a previous function.
For example, someone already explained how to make a chocolate cake, a User can copy this into Step 1 of their own Blueprint and make a change to the topping of the cake in Step 2, to then publish it as their own iteration.

Incentive – Bills of Materials used in a Blueprint

Users that offer Revenue for using their Products or Tools in the Blueprint, will incentivise Blueprint Owners, each time a sale is done through the Blueprints containing products from the different distributors.

Each distributor that publishes products on our open marketplace are able to set their own % value on each product, or set their whole warehouse to a default value on how much they offer as an incentive if that product is added to a Blueprint that leads to a sale.

(Image: Incentive model - Yellow represents Revenue to Makers set on Products )

As more distributors gets connected to the platform, we expect to see an increase in this revenue model, where manufacturers might offer over 200% incentive for using their new product in their Blueprint to get more Makers interested in their products and build solutions around them.



Incentive – Blueprint NFT

Users can convert their Blueprint into a Blueprint NFT by paying 1 Tinker Token Gold, plus transaction fee.
This is a manual process after the original Blueprint is saved and fully finished, as a User is unable to do any more edits after it is converted to an NFT. It is forever locked and published on the blockchain.

Please note that Blueprint Author must pay for this conversion, as it is a transaction towards the Blockchain where we save your metadata.

Sales through Blueprints

As part of consumers purchasing products through Users Blueprints, we implement different functions for the Blueprint Owner.

Blueprint - Do It Yourself kit

All Blueprints are sold as Do It Yourself kit by default, this is the incentive model that will grab all the listed Bill of Materials used from different distributors on the marketplace and put them into the cart for the consumer, where the Blueprint Owner receives the revenue for each sale through their Blueprint.

The Blueprint Owner does not need to take any further steps other than noticing that a sale has been made through their Blueprint and how much they earned through the ledger in their native wallet.

Blueprint – Finished product

Some consumers are not as handy as others, so the Blueprint Owner have the option to sell their Blueprint solution as a finished product for the consumer.

This means the Blueprint Owner must have their own stock of the needed Bills of Materials from the Blueprint, assemble the finished product and ship it to the consumer.

The finished product will also be listed on the marketplace as a product with its own stock, allowing others to grab that product into their own Blueprint Bills of Material and create new iterations from it, meaning your finished product will be shipped to other Makers, and you can add your own revenue model to give to other Makers for iterating on your solution as you have become your own distributor.




Incentive – Collaboration Teams

Users can create Teams to collaborate on the same Blueprint and allocate a % model within the team for each Blueprint, based on contribution and effort to the final Blueprint publication.
The Team is connected to the revenue model to the Blueprint Authors. Just that we have more of them in the same Blueprint.

- Bob did most of the work and it was his initial idea and is allocated 70%.
- Alice helped and is given 30%.

Both are listed as Blueprint Authors and each time the Blueprint itself is sold, the 5% resale incentive for Blueprint Author will be divided by the Team percentage allocation.

(Images: Incentive model – Blueprint Team)

Incentive – AI Prototypes

Our goal is to allow AI to produce prototypes for us in the future, giving Users the option to share their Blueprint with the AI algorithm.

We believe that the owners of what AI creates are the Makers that made the algorithm work, so we implement this incentive solution based on what it produces and sells which will return 50% of its profits back to the Makers and the rest will be used to further enhance the AI solution.

Our solution for the AI engine will be built around OpenCog - Atomspace and SingularityNET

Attribution – Creative Commons CC0 1.0

Blueprints are published under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
Even though Users publishes under Public Domain, where no attribution is needed to the Author of any content, the information is still used.
Where Attribution of Blueprint Author is forever saved on the Blockchain through Blockfrost with the NFT metadata (CIP-25)
And the incentives models from copied Blueprints, or what AI will create in the future will also follow the original Authors, as these are handled through our own smart contracts.

(Image: Metadata – Attribution – Path 3)


Cardano Native Wallet

When registering on Youblob, Users will receive their own native wallet connected to their account.
The wallet’s function is to receive revenue from referral fees, incentives from published Blueprints along with product sales through the open marketplace.
It will also support purchases across Youblob domain such as purchase products and promote products (Youblob’s internal marketing channel)


Our solution is built around Cardano ecosystem and support ADA transactions.
Please note that Users needs to have ADA in their wallet to perform a transaction with Tokens.

Tinker Token

Youblob have created its own Tokens that will become available through the Users native wallet.
These tokens have been split into two categories.
As we include incentive models towards our Tokens, we thought they needed to be included in this whitepaper, as it is part of UNSDG Goal 1 in helping to enable No Poverty, as our platform is about allowing Makers to earn a living through our functions.

Tinker Token Silver

Tinker Token Silver is a Stable coin towards the Norwegian Krone and Users cannot purchase this coin, only earn it through interacting with the Youblob platform through;
- Revenue generated through Blueprint incentive models
- Referrals
- Publishing

Tinker Token Silver can be spent on the open marketplace to buy products, services, tickets to events, memberships to Makerspaces or to promote your own content. Just like your own regular money.

Tinker Token Gold [TINK]

Tinker Token Gold is a limited minted edition of coins, and hence the market will fluctuate for the price of this coin based on demand and supply.

Tinker Token Gold can be purchased with FIAT or ADA to fill up your native wallet at the current market price of [TINK]

Having Tinker Token Gold also allows users to vote on projects for Treasury funding.

Incentive Tinker Token usage

Using Tinker Token for transactions on Youblob will have half the transaction fee of 2,5%. As opposed to FIAT or ADA, which have a 5% fee.

Incentive Tinker Token swap

We are currently investigating that Users shall be able to convert 1000 Silver into 1 Gold, independent of the current market price of 1 Tinker Token Gold to create yet another incentive for open collaboration and idea sharing and helping the undeveloped world.

Incentive – Legacy / Inherit

In the sad case where a User passes away, they can set up an inheritance through their native wallet that will go into effect after ~5 years of inactivity on an account. If they have not set this, the inheritance is by default set to the Youblob Treasury which is built towards the UNSDG helping Makers and STEM projects around the world.
Notification will of course be sent out to User before this inactivity is taken into effect.


Open Marketplace

The marketplace consists of its own Dashboard for handling orders, and a complete overview of order history and ledger. A fully functional e-commerce site directly connected to a global maker community.

Marketplace Dashboard Examples


Traceability on products

All products are mapped towards Blueprints they are used in and is open for everyone to see.

This will help new users understand more efficiently which components to use towards their project, as they can easily go in and read about the different existing connected solutions to a product, and will help enabling our solution as a learning platform for others.

Youblob Services

BLOB’s i.e. Binary Large Objects - Data extraction

Users shall be able to purchase BLOB’s data retrieval directly from products, blueprints and services.
This function will give a more in-depth view of the connections created through the artefact, including subsections and global reach.


Users shall be able to keep track of local events that they subscribe to, calendar also allows for tickets to be purchased and handled through the same platform.

Event calendar will be based on Geolocation mapping and categories based on main subjects.

The calendar is part of the booking tool, i.e booking of equipment f.ex at your local makerspace. More on this in the Makerspace section below.

Promotions (Integrated Marketing channel)

Users will have the possibility to promote their own Blueprints, Products, Services and Events.
The promotion adds their content to the top header of the referenced category and is active for x time.
Promotions are based on a cyclic rule, to create a unanimous marketing channel. The more visitors that come by, the more it cycles through the promotions.

External ads will not be implemented on Youblob. A clean interface is important when Users are working on the next technological breakthrough that will change the world, and they need to be given the best possible solutions without distractions.

Allowing this cycling of promotions will give everyone something new to explore when they visit Youblob, instead of basing Marketing on age, gender, interests. Youblob is an explorative platform which should intrigue and help Users see new possibilities by combining different artefacts from different subjects. Promotions are part of enabling such.

Through the Users Dashboard, they will see how many unique visits each promotion generated, sales, new subscribers and ROI.

User Profile Page

Community Rating and KYC

Ratings are given on Blueprints, Sales and Services from other Users.
As it is a community driven platform, we must rely on feedback from end-users.

Support Button

This function is added in correlation to promote local makerspaces, organizations and brands of your interest. Allowing migration of users from existing communities to transition more fluidly. It will enable a Fungible image to be used in the Support Button section, so Users can purchase a Fungible Token from their favourite organisation, like UNESCO etc. to have it displayed, but also give something back to them.

Skill points

Users earn skill points in the main categories they publish Blueprints in.
This is to add a premonition of interest and skill level that Users have, and will be further developed to allow for contests, give-aways etc for reaching certain goals.

Makerspace/organization solutions

As a Makerspace or f.ex a knitting club, you are able to register your organization on Youblob.
This comes with a few unique features.

As a registered organization you will have access to your own warehouse, where members of the organization can purchase directly.
It is also easier to follow up with stock management and automatically refill components when they reaches certain thresholds set by your organization.

The organization is able to charge membership fee through Youblob which will give members access to their warehouse where they can pick or purchase items, and also a booking calendar. Meaning members can book a period for one of the 3D printers or CNC mill at your local makerspace instead of having to drive out, just to find it already occupied.

The organization also comes with a special feature to collect all members Blueprints within the organization, which will show how much value is generated through their prototyping effort, popularity, and global reach. Which in return will make it easier to ask for more support from the local municipality for more funding as we provide a track record of actual value.

Manufacturer/Distributor solutions

Registering a company that produces products, or being a Maker that creates your own products, you are able to get a global reach of distributors.

Building up a distribution networks is as easy as sending a friend request. Just that it is a distribution request. Once approved by the Distributor, they will have access to sell all your products locally, even though they have 0 in stock they are ready for local backorders.

If a product is retired or a new version is launched, the warehouse will also be automatically updated with the distribution network that you have created.

Service provider solutions

As a Company or User, you are able to offer your own services on Youblob to help others.

Services are aimed at helping other Users achieve their product goals, whether it is a new product or prototype that they need help with f.ex design or 3D printing some parts, or in later stages the need to scale up production or achieve a higher production quality.



Back End

Connecting through different functions to give the Users an optimal performance when creating, along with automating several administration workloads around their webshop experience.

3’rd party Partners API’s

End-Users shall be able to use Partner tools provided by Youblob that require extended membership subscription.
As we need to bridge the gap specifically for academics concerning mathematical equations, chemistry, biology, physics and symbolic programming, allowing it to be directly connected to products in blueprints.

This will give a totally new way of interacting with products, as academic subjects become an asset (a product in itself) and can be sold or given for free all while maintaining the traceability of its uses.

E-commerce API’s

Youblob will provide API’s for connecting to the platform.
Meaning if you have an existing webshop within the majority of the released solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce and Drupal Commerce, you shall be able to connect to Youblob by installing the given module and synch your existing warehouse, and Orders received will be ported back to your webshop.

Import Warehouse

Youblob platform supports import of .csv files and images to allow End Users an easy switch.

Distributor Chains

A Distributor Chain is an approved connection between a Manufacturer and a Distributor.
Giving Manufacturers an ownership to automate the release of new products and retired products through their Distributor network.

Organisation Chains

An organisation Chain is an approved connection between an organisation and an End User.
Allowing Organisations to connect to its local members to automate retrieval of information on what their Users have published of Blueprints, and how much added value this have generated.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning will be applied to the different data pools and the different services offered on Youblob platform in order to fetch and create a profiling of every type of product that gets connected.
Youblob provides a new way of segmenting products into different types of data pools as an interpolation for easier understanding, providing ML and AI a better foundation to extrapolate.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will be used to reverse engineer Blueprints and Products to get overview of similarities, missing similarities, cost optimisation, function optimisation etc.

This function is optional for the End-Users, but if enabled will allow their Blueprints to be included to the AI algorithm.
This means Users will earn a revenue from future releases and sales that the AI comes up with.

Through a Smart Contract the algorithm for incentivising Users that entered the AI inclusion program will  be set.

Youblob Treasury & Voting

Youblob will set off 10% of its Tinker Token for the Treasury to support projects that are aligned with STEM and UNSDG.
This involves created Blueprints, Teams, Users, organizations like Makerspaces and even companies that have done an effort towards these common goals.

Users with Tinker Token are able to vote on projects, where 1 Tinker Token Gold counts as 1 vote.



UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Youblob strives to create a better world by making it easier for those who come from poor countries to be included on the same level as the rich.

The Youblob platform lowers the threshold immensely for starting a business, along with earning revenue on publications.

Youblob connects to 10 of the 17 goals set by United Nations, and this is something we are really proud of. As it states the fact that we are on the right path in developing these solutions.




If you have no money, digital identity, bank account or even a patent office in your country, you shall still be able to use Youblob to earn money from your ideas, collaborate with others, publish blueprints, add products, set up your own business and/or organization around your effort.
As more and more Blueprints are published on Youblob, we believe this will be used as a learning platform, giving free easy access to schools and their students, and enabling new ideas in the local communities on how to optimise and make things better.
Youblob supports Gender Equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
Through our platform we want to change the bad social norms that exists in certain societies by promoting and helping diverse communities that includes females.
Our platform creates a portal into the business world.
Scaling your business or putting it on vacation mode is just one click away.
Youblob makes it easy for End Users to become part of a SMART technological platform aimed towards product handling, commerce and offering services, fully integrated with automated accounting, advanced back-end wallet functions, and scalable solutions aimed to help the end-users.
Youblob connects the Industry with the End Users, providing valuable data back to the industry thus paving the way for new innovations at a rapid speed.
Youblob wish to participate in building infrastructure such as storage and production hubs around the world. Starting in undeveloped countries first.
Developing countries needs to be given access to the correct tools for an efficient and stable collaborative effort. Youblob enables such by giving an easy way for new B2B relationships to form, along with enabling B2C and C2B solutions on the same level.
Reducing inequalities in our society, by making everyone understand they are equal
as the next person might be the one that takes the product to the next level.
The Youblob platform makes the different iterations created in the different local communities easy to share and iterate on using local materials. Thus supporting the least developed countries through technical assistance, know-how and establishing an understanding of what works best in the different regions.
Blueprints explains how Users can build upon and reuse recycled material, and will be a key factor in ensuring that the people get the relevant information and awareness for a sustainable development, reducing waste and the reuse of materials.
As part of awareness-raising, impact reduction and education of the people around Climate Actions. Youblob provides a platform to strengthen the institutional work with technology transfer, development actions and individual capacity building.
Youblob enables science and technology cooperation non-excluding.
Youblob is part of enhancing global microeconomic stability.





We wish to thank our advisors and extended team, Validé, as they have provided us with invaluable expertise and insight. Considering how vibrant economies can grow, this have been paramount to shape the future of Youblob and the technical mechanisms presented herein.

Innovation park Tech. Startup Accelerator for their continuous work in setting the foundation for every companies that are included into their program. And helping us achieve the high standard. They do an amazing work.

A very special thanks goes to ArrowHiTech in Vietnam, with special acknowledgement to Phong Nguyen for his technical involvement in adapting our first MVP release for Rapid Prototyping.

Along with a huge thank you to MetaLamp LLC for helping us implement our solutions to the Cardano Blockchain.



  • “Blueprint” is one of the main functions on the Youblob platform where users explain how something is created. A recipe that consists of a Step-by-Step guide which includes the ability to add and/or link components and products, both internally (products listed on Youblob domain),
    and externally (products listed on f.ex amazon/ebay etc).

  • “Blueprint Components” is an item that is needed to create the new Product or Function, or to edit and generate an iteration of an existing Product or Function, and is part of the Step-by-Step guide in the Blueprint for inclusion of these artefacts.
    Components includes Media files (Video, Pictures), Design files (2D, 3D, VR, AR), Codes, other existing Products, Mathematical equations, Chemical composition, Biological compounds, different Programming languages and the actual Step-by-Step guide.

  • “Blueprint Author” is the Person or Company that publishes a Blueprint on how Components are combined to create a function and/or solution. The Author will earn 5% of the resale value if Blueprint is sold as NFT.

  • “Blueprint Owner” is the Person or Company that owns a Blueprint and earns from the incentive model it generates. I.e purchases done through the Blueprint

  • “DIY” Do It Yourself, meaning purchase the components needed, and build it yourself.
    All parts needed is delivered from the different suppliers linked in the BOM in the Blueprint.

  • “Finished Product” A complete product, meaning no need for major assembly or coding.
    All parts needed is delivered from one Person/Company when purchased.

  • “BOM” Bills of Material are products, components and tools.
    The BOM is directly connected to the Blueprint and incentivises the User who creates a Blueprint that leads to a sale based on the Revenue set on each product from their respective suppliers.

  • “Tool” Required tools needed to assemble a DIY Blueprint. These can be added to the Blueprint and also sold as separate products.

  • “Product” is an item that can be sold, this includes digital downloadable products as well as physical products.

  • “Incentives” is the function where Users receive money back for using and combining components, products and tools from Distributors that leads to a sale through a Blueprint.

  • “Referral Fee” is the function where Users receive money back for referring other Users into Youblob solution.

  • “Youblob App” is the Smartphone Mobile Application for Youblob, to easier create Blueprints on the go.

  • “ICO” an Initial Coin Offering for a currency that is implemented on Youblob based on Cardano Blockchain technology.

  • “Wallet” is the End-Users Account of Income for receiving incentives and purchasing products on Youblob, including Memberships handling and Promotional offers.

  • “Verified Login” is a part of the 2-Step Verification program based on Blockchain and Smart contract identification to verify End-Users logging in to Youblob.

  • “ML” Machine Learning is a backend function to understand published content.
    Not only to collect and use data, but to be an enabler in creating a SMART E-commerce platform for the End-Users with added value and conformity.

  • “AI” an Artificial Intelligence Service that act on instances in the platform based on publications, prices, End-Users consent and collaboration.

  • “Revenue” is the percentage (%) value added to a Product from a Distributor, allowing Blueprint Owners to receive Incentives to their Wallet by using their Products and Tools from Distributors in their BOM.

  • “Subscriptions” Users can subscribe to Blueprints to be notified about changes, as well as End-Users and Companies, which notifies on new content.

  • “Traceability” A function to understand what a component have been used for.

  • “API” Application Programming Interface – A function to connect external solutions between Youblob and a 3rd party