V-Sido OS

V-Sido OS is a robot controlling software, created by Yoshizaki Kou. This V-Sido is able to control giant robots, down to hobby robots with features such as attitude control, anti-fall down function and two-legged walking in real time.

Youblob Supports Contimeuum on Kickstarter

contimeuum is a timeline visualization tool.
It introduces a radical new paradigm to unify clock, calendar, and historic time into a seamless 3D chronometer.

Gain a fresh vision of your place in time and space as you interact with this dynamic integration of clock, calendar and historic time.

Avegant Glyph - Seeing is Unbelievable

Experience all media with vivid life-like clarity and exceptional sound. They look like headphones, but the headband pivots down in front of your eyes, to display video!
You get 2 functions in 1. In short it is a high-end pair of headphones to listen to music, or you can morph it into a personal theater which streams movies from your smartphone for instance.

Youblob Supports MicroSlice on Kickstarter

The MicroSlice is a mini laser cutter & engraver. It is controlled using an Arduino UNO. It uses Open Source software and is able to cut paper, and engrave wood & plastics.

It comes as a kit, and takes around 15 hours to build. All the parts are included in the full kits, everything from the Arduino UNO R3, to the laser diode, and all the cables, to the bolts & screws.

Nocte Lux

Grab your Snowboard, and start surfing the snow the way real stick figures do.
Royce Hutain made a video to give a view on his awesome build.
His funding was cancelled on Kickstarter, as he is now privately funded.