Build your own Viking Shield



Build your own Viking Shield

Viking shields are quite easy to make actually.
To make it even easier for this build we are using chipboard, instead of gluing lots of planks together.
The design of the end-result will be just as good.

If you are planning on using it in sword fight play, you should go for the planks version.

Step #1: Measure out the shield


Full Size
35 cm in radius
8,5 cm in radius

Kids Size 
22,5 cm in radius
5 cm in radius

Step #2: Cut out the Shield

Cut out the shield and the centerpiece.

Step #3: Add linen cloth

On the front of the shield we use wood glue, and then put a linen cloth over it.
It is advisable to use a brush and smear the glue out evenly, before putting the linen cloth over.

Cut the edges of the cloth, and leave it to dry.

Step #4: Create the back handle

Cut out the handle for the backside of the shield.
File it down so it fits your hand when you grasp it.

Step #5: Paint the Shield

Paint the shield in any design you want, this is the fun part!

After you have finished painting the shield, let it dry, then add a thin layer of Polyester. 
This will let the shield be weather vary, and the paint will last much longer.

Step #6: Add the Leather

On the edge of the Shield we use brown leather, and fasten it with furniture nails.
This is done both on the front side and back side.


Step #7: Add the center cup

We also nail in the center cup, plus add glue for better hold.
If you don't have a metal one, either visit a viking marked near your location, or make one out of wood.
Use the spare parts from the plywood, glue them on top of eachother and file it down to make a cup.

Step #8: Add the handle

For the backend handle, we also use furniture nails, and add glue for better hold.

Step #9: ...and that is it!

Thats all to it, enjoy!

I will add the products later, and also a Starter Pack, so you only need to go out and fetch the plywood yourself.


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