MAKEADRONE KOLIBRI is a building kit from Norway.

It is a super fun and easy build kit, to get your kids interested in drone technology.
And of course to fly indoor and set up your own track.

Step #1: Charge the battery

  • Plug in the charger
  • Light will be pulsating while charging
  • Light is constantly on when fully charged

Step #2: Ready the Radio Controller

  • You need two AA-batteries, attach them in the back of the battery compartement of the controller
  • Snap the steering controller buttons in place on the front

Step #3: Assemble the legs

  • Use the main frame, put the screws through the frame (next to A & B lettering)
  • Screw on the spacers at the bottom

Step #4: Mount the motors

  • Motors with wire black/white goes to B side
  • Motors with wire red/blue goes to A side
  • Attach O-ring to the bottom of the motors
  • Slide it through the frame from the bottom. (Wires should come out on the side the spacers are)
  • Put an extra O-ring on top to hold the motor in place.

Step #5: Thread the motor cables

  • Slide each motor cable through the frame

Step #6: Mount the electronics

  • When mounting the circiut board, the antenna should be where the UP arrow is located on the frame.
  • Use rubber string to hold the circiut board in place

Step #7: Connect the motors

  • Attach each motor to the JST connector on the circuit board.
  • Red on red / white on white

Step #8: Thighten the motor cables

  • Pull the wires back through the frame.
  • This is to prevent the wiring getting catched by the propellers.

Step #9: Mount the propeller protective casing

This is optional, but if you are to fly indoor, this is higly advisable to attach.
If you are a beginner, they should also be attached for safety reasons.
Flying a drone is always a risk! So safety first.
And if you care for your propellers and want your drone to live longer, ...attach the protective casing.

  • Push the protective casing over the motors
  • Re-thighten the O-rings on the motors

Step #10: Mount the propellers

  • Propeller A's goes to the Motor A's
  • Propeller B's goes to the Motor B's
  • Push the propellers on top of the motor pin

Step #11: Mount the drone battery

  • Slide the battery under the rubber string on the bottom of the drone frame
  • Connect the battery to the circuit board (JST plug)

Step #12: Fly the drone

  • Turn on the Controller
  • Push Throttle Up, then Throttle Down
  • When all lights on the drone is constant, binding have been set between the controller and drone
  • If not, disconnect the battery and turn off the controller, and repeat the process above.

Step #13: Calibrate the ACC

  • Set the drone on a horisontal surface
  • Pull both controllers down towards the power buttons
  • Drone starts blinking, which means calibration was a success

Step #14: Start the engines!

  • Push each controller down and outwards at the same time, this will start the motors
  • The drone will now fly when you push the controller throttle up

Step #15: EXTRA - Use a Smartphone

If you got the drone with camera, you can download the app "Wifi UFO" (supports both iOS and Android) for free, and stream your flying. Become a Pro Flyer 




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